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Welcome to mec film - shop!

In this virtual shop you find a selection of titles from the mec film catalogue as well as some additional films by Arab directors for sale: as DVD or as online-stream. We offer short and feature length documentary and fiction films.

On the background of ongoing debates about the region we want to add a different angle and show films that are made in the Arab World.

Attention: All prices mentioned refer to private use only! If you want to purchase institutional rights or present a DVD at an event, please send us an email to the address below or give us a call.

Documentary Films

Erased,___Ascent of the Invisible

(Tirss, Rihlat al Sou’oud ila al Mar’i)

Price: 20,00 EUR



Fiction Films

Short Films

Dry Hot Summers

(Har .. Gaf .. Sayfan)

Price: 12,00 EUR